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Advice for authors

A Suggested Structure for Living Educational Theory Research Papers

This advice concerns the overall framing of your account; it does not dictate the labels that you may choose to apply to the separate parts of your account



1. Preliminaries

Title page / abstract 

See a typical title page of an EJOLTs paper

e.g. at https://ejolts.net/node/392

2. Introduction

Expansion of the abstract, outlining the enquiry in terms of its:




3. Main text

A developmental and structured account that gives full descriptions and explanations of the research process and its outcomes.

The research question: context

Planning: research principles (methodology) and techniques (methods)

Carrying out the research: engagement and observing

Gathering data 

Validating data

Analysis: generating the research outcomes

4. Conclusions

The knowledge generated by the research, and its implications

5. References

A list of extracts from the literature directly quoted in the paper (latest APA version)

6. Bibliography

A list of sources given in the paper but without quoted extracts (latest APA version)

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