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Love your book Ms Dressler especially page 225. I am quite certain John McEachen born 1685 is my 5th Great Grandfather. Some of the family relocated to Judique Cape Breton. Do you have any info about this family? I have been researching them for a very long time but at a brick wall.Hope you write another book I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for your help. Darlene
Posted by Ms Darlene Tanner on 14 January 2021
Dear Camille,
In the Parish Church of the Small Isles is the following plaque "In memory of John MacPherson, tenant of Sandavore, a man of remarkable intelligence and Christian worth, an elder of the establised church and for 45 years Factor of Eigg, born 26th Jan. 1789 at Tocabhaig in Skye, died at Sandavore 16th Jan. 1876 buried Kilmore, Sleat.
With regards your article on Dr Hugh MacPherson this shows the Factor was a Gaelic speaking Highlander. I think Gordon was MacPherson's lawyer. How do you know Hugh MacPherson never visited Eigg after he bought it. When he died there was a £2000 bond over the island and he did not leave the island to anyone. After, I assume endless discussion the four daughters ended up owning Eigg,-Isabella, Margaret, Anna Marie and Elizabeth. Three years later in 1861 Norman bought one tenth of the island from his sisters and was regarded as the owner ever after. Elizabeth died in 1885. The Titles appear to be fairly shambolic when my great uncle bought the island.
Posted by Catriona White on 05 November 2020
Eigg DNA links?
This is my second post and is a bit of a long shot. Sometime in the latter 1700s my direct Macdonald ancestor came to Sleat to be a Ground officer. My estimate is that is was potentially the 1770s. It was common at the time to give these sorts of roles to an outsider. His name was John Macdonald. Local oral tradition says my Macdonald line were 'Macdhomnaill dugh na h-eigg' The black Macdonalds from Eigg. The name Ranald persisted in my family while it was never a common Sleat name. I have done Y-DNA test plus my DNA results are also on Ancestry, 23and me, FTDNA and Myheritage. I have never had any distant link to Sleat Macdonald families pre 1800. I have though very numerous links to descendants to the pioneers who left, Eigg, Asrisaig, Eilean Shona, and Moidart and went to PEI, and Nova Scotia. Especially Antigonish and Inverness counties. I wonder if there are any records that even hint of an Eigg Macdonald that left to become a Ground Officer in Sleat? Many thanks, Andrew
Posted by Andrew Macdonald on 21 September 2020
Hi Andrew,
I think this might be a question for Tearlaich McFarlane, our Glenfinnan genealogist and Iain Campbell of Eigg who both have a vast knowledge of Eigg Families.
I will pass your enquiries to them!
The only time I heard the Black MacDonald mentioned was in the story of Angus MacKinnon's ancestor on his maternal line (MacDonald) who left Eigg to emigrate from Greenock. The passenger ship went down shortly after their departure and he was rescued, but it took hime several years to work his way back to via South Uist. He came back to Eigg to work for the tacksman John MacDonald who had taken over the farm of Kildonnan: Angus told me he was one of the Black macdonalds.
Posted by Camille Dressler on 21 September 2020
John MacPherson Sandavore
Hello. My Great x 3 Grandfather John MacPherson was born in Tokavaig Sleat in 1788. In the 1841 census he was living in Sleat as a crofter with his family. But by 1851 he and his family appear living at the Farm at Sandavore. I have always wondered how this leap in his fortunes came about? His Daughter Mary b1835-d1911 married Alexander Nicolson the Sleat School teacher and they ultimately moved to the school on Canna. They are my great great grandparents. Thier daughter my Great granny was christened Christina Edgeworth Nicolson and one of her sisters was christened Mary Charters Nicolson. I understand both these middle names are linked to Dr Hugh MacPherson's family. I would love to know any information about how the family got their position on Eigg and any info about their interactions with Dr Hugh MacPherson's family. In fact any records that there are about their stay on Eigg, many thanks best regards, Andrew
Posted by Andrew Macdonald on 19 September 2020
Hi Andrew,
It's my understanding that Dr MacPherson who had links with Sleat invited some of his relatives to come to Eigg when he purchased the island. I have asked one of our History society members who is looking through the Packenham Edgeworth diaries to see if there are any comments that would shed light on this. I remember reading something about a wedding and it might have been Mary and Alexander's! The fact that they called their daughter after Christina Packenham Edgeworth shows how close the families were! You can find out more about the MacPhersons in our new page about them on this webiate Camille
Posted by Camille Dressler on 12 October 2020
Thank you
I just wanted to thank you for sharing this amazing information. This site is full of really fantastic historical and cultural material, much of which i hadn't come across in my research - it's really tremendous. My McIsaac ancestors settled at Eigg Mountain, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. I am extremely interested in figuring out more about Ruaraidh MacIsaac of Eigg who is supposed to be father to Lachlan Mor MacIsaac (m. Catriona MacDonald in 1818 on Eigg.) I own a copy of Camille's book and it has top billing on my bookshelf! It's funny to be so proud of an island I have never been to or even seen in person! All the best, A.M.B MacIsaac
Posted by A. M. B. MacIsaac on 24 June 2020
Hi have you done a DNA test in my test McIsaac families from Eigg are on it.
Ian Campbell
Posted by john campbell on 10 October 2020
Posted on 22 April 2020
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