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Cameron family
I had just found out that my great grandfather had emigrated from the Isle of Eigg. The next day the island was portrayed as a segment of The 60 Minutes TV show. His name was Charles Cameron and he was born in 1847.
Posted by Alice C. Cameron on 14 December 2017
Rev Sinclair the sailing man of God
Hi! I am writing an article about George Bullough of Rum and have come across Rev Sinclair who ministered to the 4 Islands for 40 years, sailing between them. He died around 1908.

Does anyone have any stories about him and/or a photograph of him/him and his boats? He is in the Thames Register of Yachts as living on Eigg.

hoping someone can help

with every good wish

Posted by clare mccomb on 11 December 2017
Croft number 6
Hello, I’m running a research project on museums in the UK from 1960-2020 and am trying to find out a little more about Croft no6. Could you tell me when it first opened as a heritage site? Any information you have would be very useful.
Best wishes
Posted by Fiona Candlin on 08 December 2017
Ronald Fraser (1889-1865)
Subject: Ronald Fraser (1889-1865)

Ronald Fraser (1789 -1865: Pioneer to Maple Ridge, Nova Scotia) is believed to have left the Isle of Eigg in 1823 to come to Arisaig Maple Ridge, in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. We are seeking evidence of who his parents were and where he and they was born. Ronald’s death certificate states his father’s name was Donald Fraser. He was married to Margaret or Isabel Mac Issac. Margaret appears on his son’s, Sandy’s, marriage documents.

My wife, Judy (Fitzpatrick) Bain, age 73 is a living descendent of Ranald and his son Sandy Fraser (1823-1891). Judy has very fond memories of Sandy’s daughter, Mary Florence Fraser(1862-1954) or Flora. Judy was 11 years old when Flora died. Florence Lulu Fitzpatrick (1892-1972) was Flora’s daughter and Judy’s grand mother. Mother and daughter have the name Florence in common.

Any information on the matter at hand would be kept in confidence and greatly appreciated.


Earle and Judy Bain
Posted by Earle Bain on 18 May 2017
I am afraid I misread the document. Our Lauchlin Mackinnon came not from Sand Beg but Clearadale!
Posted by Charles Coulombe on 05 July 2016
Hello Charles,

Great to hear from you and your Mackinnon ancestors, from Sandy veg or Cleadale - 2 different townships but not very far away from each other, just 2 different farms.
Your Mackinnons would have been most probably jacobites, and perhaps involved in the 1715 Rebellion, in fact they would have survived it, and would have been comfortable enough in their station in life to afford the price of passage to the New World.
It is impossible to know where they came from as the Mackinnon clan was by the time of the Eigg massacre associated to the MacDonald and Clanranald and therefore invited to repopulate the island. They have come from Ulva originally, but equally from Skye. There were a lot of them around.
Posted by camille on 05 July 2016
Dear Camille:

Many thanks! Well, it is good at any rate to know of our more immediate connexion to Eigg. Please God, I'll get there one day, never having been closer than Inverness!

Posted by Charles Coulombe on 08 August 2016
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