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Green Maintenance Officer:  Stewart Beswick


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Rota Dates Revised 30-March-2020



SEPTEMBER: The green should be Hollow Tined or Solid Tined to aereate the soil - This work has been carried out by Contractor -Peter Cotton. The green should be Scarified - This work has been carried out by club volunteers. The green should be Overseeded then covered over by Top Dressing, then worked evenly into the turf by a Drag Mat - This work has been carried out by club volunteers. The green should be checked regularly for signs of disease. The volunteers were Tony Ford, Peter Russell, Mike Barnwell, Margaret Street, Ian Harvey, and Mike Williams. The Tining and Scarifying was done on Monday 9th and the rest of the work on Tuesday 10th.

The gulley drains need locating and clearing out of leaves and soil etc. The gulley mats need taking up and cleaning. There are still one or two shrubs to cut back and quite a bit of shrubs rubbish to burn and get rid of. The green is showing signs of Fuserian Disease and will have to be treated for it; it is quite normal apparently at this time of year for this disease to rear it's ugly head. The green should be swished every morning to remove the dew and the worm casts, but who is going to do it every morning, any volunteers?


OCTOBER: Still time to sow grass seed up to the end of the month. Apply an Autumn & Winter fertiliser- 2 x 7-0-14+Fe+Mg @ £28.50 per bag. An application of Wetting Agent to see us through the Winter would be advisable. Check regularly for signs of disease. You can still use a systemic fungicide while the grass is growing. Spray for Leather Jackets at the end of the month. Raise the height of the cut on the mower to 10mm.


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