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05 06 2018

Please meet at the Seafront centre at 6:30pm sharp, some members are going to Brora Loch & some may be going on the sea but this can be organised when we get to the Seafront centre.

22 05 2018

​All meet at the Seafront centre at 6:30pm please as we will be playing in the sea and we would hope to be on the water before 7pm.

15 05 2018
Hi everyone, John has suggested a trip to Beauly this week, a gentle trip suitable for all,  using river kayaks.

Due to the distance we would have to meet at the Seafront centre at 5pm.

Please can everyone reply if they are able to make it or not as if there are insufficient numbers we will have to go to Plan B which will probably be a nice paddle on the sea?

08 05 2018

New Pictures added of the most recent events.

08 05 2018

This week will be on the river Brora so will anyone that needs equipment please meet at the Seafront centre at 6:30 sharp.  Those who have equipment & can transport it themselves can meet at the Brora Heritage Centre car park at 6:45 pm.
It would be good if anyone coming that needs equipment could respond to this email so that we can gauge how everything can be transported please

19 04 2018

Gerry is going for a paddle tonight if anyone wants to join him

He  plans to  a wee paddle about 6 ish if anyone wants to meet him at the seafront center.

He will bring his own boats to save time.

03 04 2018

The senior members suggest that tonight is NOT a night for paddling so tonight’s paddle is cancelled.

Hopefully everyone will get this email before they set out.

28 01 2018

Ian will be doing the First Aid session on Tue Feb 27   
This would also provide a chance to discuss arrangements, kit, travel  etc for the Spey Valley trip on March 10-11 which has been swapped with the White Water safety course as the instructor has had to drop out on that weekend.

24 01 2018

We are taking the (cleaned!) kayaks to the pool 6.30pm Thurs (24 Jan) ready for the pool session. Some people have had to drop out of the pool session on Friday due to illness, so there may be a spare place - get in touch with me if you are 16+ and want to come along but don't have a place yet.

18 01 2018

Items required for the Dry land rolling practice session on Tuesdays theory night on 23 012018 please.

We need 2 car tyres (not on wheel rims) and 2 scaffolding poles per dry land rolling station. Does anyone have some they could bring along please? If we have enough tyres/poles we could set up 2 dry land rolling stations.

02 11 2017

A great day out on the water today.

Lots of spills & thrills with a high level of water.

A good day to practice rescue techniques, glad to say no one was harmed in the process and we all learnt a lot & there was great camaraderie. Today we were joined by Sandy, Tony, Rory, Ian & Keith.

28 11 2017

Good to see so many (10) at the first of our Tuesday Theory nights.  The subject was “Moving water basics” & the speaker was Ian Moore who did a great job & got us all thinking. It was followed by a short quiz to help us consolidate our knowledge, all great fun, well done Ian. Next Tuesday Anne Young will give a talk on VHF radio.

26 11 2017

Last weekend no one in the club paddled due to life commitments & the weather putting off some but this weekend of a few of us are planning to go to the Brora on Saturday. We will meet at the Brora heritage centre at 930 and decide which bit to paddle. Everyone is welcome but if you need equipment then please let us know as soon as possible.

19 11 2017

Todays paddle was to the Upper Brora + Blackwater section Confluence with upper Brora again This was the first time on this section for some of us. Sandy, Robert, Tony, Carl & Keith had a great time & the weather was good too.
There was a bit of scrapping on the upper section & Tony did a nice pirouette on a flat topped rock just under the water but he handled it like a pro😁

19 11 2017

This weeks paddle - We are going to the Upper Brora + Blackwater section Confluence with upper Brora.and will meet at the Heritage centre car park at 9:30 on Sunday 19th.
Everyone as usual are invited, so far there are 4 of us confirmed. If you would like to join us thats great but if you need equipment please add a comment and we will see what wee can do 8-))

12 11 2017

Weekend paddles changing to Saturdays for the rest of the season, maybe, please let us know if this is better for you?

12 11 2017
Todays paddle.
Just 3 of us today being Sally, Keith & Ian from a potential of 7 members just a few days ago but it was a lovely paddle on the Upper Brora + Blackwater section Confluence with upper Brora. A section some us haven't done before so thats a bit more local knowledge to share with other members of the club.
Sally brought her camera and was going to take some great pics, if only the battery hadn't died after just one photo, oh well...

10 11 2017

Hi everyone, there have been a few suggestions for paddling this weekend (12th November) & we were thinking of:

1)    Doing a section of the upper Brora that we can’t normally paddle due to the normal low water levels. 

2)    We also thought that we might do a section on the Upper Brora, have a Break and run a section further down maybe between the ford and the Heritage car park.

3)    Do a variation on the above & then play just off the shore at either Brora or Golspie.

Can anyone wishing to come meet at the Seafront centre at 9:30.

It is scheduled to be a bit chilly this weekend so please do all you can to make sure you prepare, if it is a very cold then we can always do a shorter section & warm up in the cars on the way to the Café 8-))

Sally, please can you advise on the best points to put in/out & whether you think any of the options above are best?

*Please note that ALL club equipment should be returned to the Seafront centre after our outing.

05 11 2017
Today’s paddle cancelled on the advice of a senior member, not enough water in the rivers and too cold if there was a rescue situation and people wearing wetsuits.

Safety first.

05 11 2017
Sunday November 5th Paddle
There are a few more paddlers for this Sunday so thats good but as usual everyone is welcome to join us.
As the Brora is quite low, we are currently thinking of either the Helmsdale or possibly Thurso river - as yet to be decided.
If anyone needs equipment for the trip please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements.
*We have decided to go down the Helmsdale river after having a look at the Thurso, Hallidale, Brora & Helmsdale rivers today.

29 10 2107
Only a couple of us went on the paddle today so we played at a section of the river & then onto the sea where we played on the surf. A very enjoyable experience despite a few capsizes, one of us was either trying too hard or lacked experience!

All followed by Coffee in the Sutherland Inn.

29 10 2017
Sunday Paddle to Brora river.

We will meet at the Brora harbour at 09:30 this Sunday, please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to come but do not have your own equipment so that we can arrange to get them?
As usual, everyone is welcome & it will be good to see a few more people with us on the water.

25 10 2017
Sandy, Keith & Tony decided that there was more to life than work & had a morning paddle session on the Brora today from the Ford to the harbour. It was a beautiful morning, Sunny, Warm & water level good. Sometimes is good to to take a break from work 8-))

24 10 2017
Hi everyone, we have decided to have an informal discussion night this Tuesday at the Golspie Coffee Bothy to discuss what people want from the Tuesday Autumn/Winter evenings.

Everyone is welcome & their suggestions will be noted.
The plan is to meet at the Coffee Bothy in Golspie at 7pm on the 24th October.

I hope you can make it.

22 10 2017
A great weekend paddle today.

The Brora rivers water level was over 1m & provided a very different experience from last week.
We were joined by ian, Keith, Tony, Sandy & Stevie, which was followed by a nice coffee in the Sutherland Inn.

20 10 2017
Sunday 22nd Paddle

We have decided to do the Brora river again.

We will meet at the Brora harbour at 09:30 this Sunday, please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to come but do not have your own equipment so that we can arrange to get them?

As usual, everyone is welcome & it will be good to see a few more people with us on the water.

18 10 2017
Attention anybody requiring a first aid training update.

Caithness Kayak club are running a First Aid course on the 11th and 12th of November, it is to be held in the Tesco comunity space, Wick Tesco, cost approx. £70 pounds each.

They have a few spare spaces, If you are interested give Gerry a shout back here and he will put you in touch with Colin Matheson for further details.

08 10 2017
Hi everyone,  as there are only a few of us that can make this Sunday we have decided to do the Brora river again, especially as the river levels look good at the moment and there is still a lot of fun to be had.

We will meet at the Brora harbour at 09:30 this Sunday (15th), please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to come but do not have your own equipment so that we can arrange to get them?

As usual, everyone is welcome & it will be good to see a few more people with us on the water.

08 10 2017
A great weekend paddle today, the water in the River Brora was just right and there were lots of opportunities for  Ian, Gerry, Sally & Keith to play & practice techniques.

Another paddle opportunity next weekend so if anyone is interested please send a message, everyone welcome.

30 09 2017
ANYBODY PLANNED ANYTHING OVER THE WEEKEND, looking good tonight, bit windier tomorrow.


*Yes, we will be paddling the Brora on Sunday, meeting at the harbour at 9:30, anyone interested but needs boat/equipment please contact Keith, otherwise see you there.

If you are interested in paddling on the sea with Gerry tonight, please contact him direct.

12 09 2017
Tonights Paddle.
This may be our last chance for a Tuesday evening paddle until next year due the ever decreasing light in the evenings, therefore we will be meeting at the Seafront centre at 6:30PM sharp & we will be leaving to have a play at the Ford by 6:45.
Please note that we will be practising Ferry Gliding & Breaking in/Out etc so if you do not have enough experience tonight will not be suitable unless you just want to watch.

13 08 2017

A few members went to the Helmsdale river this Sunday & although there wasn't a lot of water had a great time. Pictures of the trip can be seen on the Photos/Videos page.

11 08 2017

Due to unforeseen circumstances our trip to the Summer Isles scheduled for Sat. Aug. 26th will now be  transferred to Sept at a  date yet to be decided.

We apologise for this change.

08 08 2017

Due to the poor response of our Family Open day & BBQ on Saturday 12th August,

This event has now been cancelled.

Maybe we will try again next year.

08 08 2017

Tuesdays paddle will be at Loch Brora.

Pllease can members meet at the Loch at 6:30PM in order that we can get on the water at 7 or sooner.

The evening will be to practice key skills.

06 08 2017

Some of our members had an excellent paddle on the river Brora today practicing key skills with tuition by Ian.

01 08 2017

Excellent paddle last night down the river Brora once we had outrun the Midges. Sadly no pictures as we were all too busy having fun!

01 08 2017

The Club is proposing to run Pilate's Classes on a Thursday evening to keep us trim & supple when we cant' be on the water during the dark evenings.

These classes will run from Thursday 17th. August to the end of the year.

The class will be held at 7.00pm in the Social Club in Brora.

The cost is £5.00 per night.

To confirm these classes we need a commitment of at least 10 people to attend.

If you are interested please let us know by August 13th.


01 August 2017

Tuesday 1st Aug.  River Brora.  

River level at the moment 0.93 metres expected to rise a little during the night.

At this level we may get a few scrapes but it is possible to paddle.
Anyone wishing to go, be at the Seafront Centre by 6.15 to load up any gear you may need!!
If by any chance the river level falls below 0.8 we will paddle on the Loch.

Please check for updates.

Anyone not requiring boat or equipment we will meet you at Loch Brora for 7.

26 08 2017

Our August trip is scheduled for the Summer Isles.
As the summer Isles offer sheltered waters in most weather conditions, our younger members are welcome on this trip.

Younger members must be accompanied by a parent / guardian in a kayak.

No unaccompanied children will be allowed on this trip.

As we have a limited number of kayaks available it will be on a first come basis.

12 08 2017

Family Open Day for Members

Saturday 12th August 14:00 - 17:00,  Put a note in your diary!

Children with their parents or guardians are welcome.

An opportunity to meet all the club members, socialise & enjoy the BBQ.

Please let us know if you are coming by Sunday 6th August so that we can organise the food?

18 07 2017

Please note, there will be no paddle session tonight.

08 07 2017

What a great day out for those (Rory, Gerry, Keith, Anne, Alan, Robert, Sandy) who attended this trip. Well done to our less experienced paddlers who have now paddled in
Following Winds, Head Winds and Beam Winds. A special thanks to Gerry for his leadership skills in taking us through the various caves and rock formations.
We covered a distance of 24.7 kiolmetres in 6.5 hours. Well done all, and hope you enjoyed the trip as much as I did. We hope to organise another trip for August.

07 07 2017
The arrangements for the Dunbeath to Berridale trip are:

Meet at Dunbeath Harbour for 10.00. On the water for 10.30

Off the water approx 3.30 / 4.00

Sandy to pick up trailer @8.30am.

Call to Gerry on the way to pick up his Kayak so all 6 kayaks will be on the one trailer.

Anne & Alan are making their own way there with their own kayaks.

Keith & Robert going together.

Sean will come with me ( if he is coming), and I will pick up Gerry on the way.

Gerry & Sean coming back with Keith as I won't be coming all the way back.

At the moment we are looking;

Wind : Light to moderate >W turning SSW: 

High Tide Approx 12.30

As we are in & out of Caves & Rocks please wear a crash helmet.

Bring a packed Lunch with Hot & Cold drinks.

26 06 2017

I am looking for around 4 students to train as part of my level 2 coaching award, they are very basic skills, the inference is more on the structure of the training than the content. The skills will be set at a level to fit the student’s needs, each course will be about an hour long,  We can digress after that to play with whatever students would like to practice or be coached in for a further hour or so. I am home 5th of july and free until the 12 at the moment and so would like to fit them in during evenings or weekend during this period.

Gerry Urquhart



As both this trip and our trip to lough Laxford are full day trips, and we will be spending between 4-5 hours on the water, they will be unsuitable to our younger paddlers.



Easy sea paddling all day trip on Loch Laxford. Load canoes 6pm Fri 2 June at Seafront Centre, meet Laxford pier 10am Sat 3 June. Back up trip dates 9/10 June if weather unsuitable. 

Contact Sally for more details.


Anybody fancy a paddle Saturday or Sunday could be sea, loch or perhaps a paddle around loch fleet, give me a shout back and I will put something together.

Cheers Gerald.


Dear All Would you like to come along on an East Sutherland Canoe Club all day trip to Loch Laxford this summer?

This is easy west coast sea paddling in a sheltered loch with lots of islands to go round/land on. There are some small tidal rapids in a couple of places if we go at the right state of tide to those bits but there's no need to go near tidal rapids. The scenery is great.

It would be suitable for any type of canoe (assuming the weather is OK). This will be an all day trip, taking into account the driving. Several experienced paddlers from the club will be coming along so we will have the option to split into more than one group to take a longer/shorter paddle, depending on who wishes to join us.

Loch Laxford is on the west coast at the place where the road from Lairg meets the sea, ie not far north of Scourie. It's the closest place to drive to on the west coast. We will be starting/finishing at Laxford Pier (where there's plenty of parking). It's too far to drive to Loch Laxford to be suitable for beginners who only want to be out on the water for a very short time.

Anyone who comes on this trip needs to have been paddling outdoors at least once with one of John, Rory, Shaun, Louise, Gerald or me first so that we can make sure that your experience matches your enthusiasm.

We will be starting Tuesday evening outdoor canoe club trips (on the sea at Golpsie) after Easter, so you are very welcome to come along on one of those if you haven't done so already. Also, this isn't really the right trip for dogs as the terrain is very rough with lots of long heather and small cliffs to negotiate, and lots of bays that canoes can just cut across, so I think it would be too hard for dogs to run beside us as we paddle. Under-16s are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult who is also a paddler. All the dates that I suggest are Saturdays, meeting 10am at Laxford Pier.

If you wish to use club equipment you would also need to be at the Seafront Centre in Golspie at 6pm on the Friday immediately before to ensure that the right canoe etc is loaded onto the club trailer for you. Now we need to choose a date that suits as many people as possible. Please let me know which of these dates would be suitable for you. I will then select the 2 dates on which the most people can come along. We will go on the first date if the weather is OK. The second date is a backup in case the weather isn't suitable on the first weekend. 27 May 3 June 10 June 17 June 24 June I'll be emailing you all on 20 April to let you know which 2 dates are most popular, so please reply by then if you'd like to come along. See you on the water soon!

best wishes Sally

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