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Welcome to our collaborative working space!

If you recognise the importance of the Early Years to children's later development and well being, then you are welcome to use this webpage and contribute to the growth of this on line learning community. Are you passionate about wanting to make a difference to the lives and experiences of the children and families you work with, but often get frustrated by the many challenges that stand in your way? So many of us feel the same! We would love you to join with us and share your stories in order that we can learn with and from each other in a process that will help this on line forum grow. Working together in this way creates a space in which to explore the potential and possibilities that exist with the aim of improving the experience of and outcomes  for the children we work with across Liverpool.

How can I make a difference? Why do you want to hear from me?

No matter what context you work in or what role you have we each have a significant influence on the lives of the children we care for.   By sharing our stories we can identify the significant events that have shaped our lives and professional values.  We learn from the unique perspective and valuable understandings that each of us hold, and collaboratively we can acquire a stronger voice, and find ways of communicating to the wider world the importance of the professional work of early years educators.



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