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Thanks for checking to see what I have to offer you as a potential client. I can guarantee you the very best Tantric massage from a female in the West Country and below I will explain what I do and then you make up your own mind. With over 3000 Tantric massages and hundreds of repeat clients the figures speak for themselves, but why not give yourself a treat and see exactly what is so special about a Tantric massage from me?

I am 33 years old, fit, healthy and energetic, and I absolutely love my work. I have always been an admirer of the naked human body and now I get to massage between 15 and 20 naked bodies every week!

My Tantric massage is different from Jon's in several areas. Though I do massage the prostate from the outside I do not give an internal prostate massage, that is all Jon's domain! Also, in my Tantric massage I do the touching and the client is the receiver. If anything, my massage is more affectionate, more loving than Jon's massage, so each balances the other.

In all my massages I am naked together with the client, but this has nothing to do with sexuality. Being naked with a client helps remove any inhibitions a client may have and also helps create a spiritual bond between the two of us which is essential in Tantra.

I use my fingers, my hands and my body to massage my client, spreading sexual energy throughout his body and creating areas of extreme sensuality. During the massage a client may become aroused, which is quite normal as the energy is spread across the body. If ejaculation occurs during the massage  it will be purely as a result of the client being unable to control his body, something which tantric massage can help. It will not be as a result of sexual stimulation.

For the ultimate in sensual massage I now also offer our GOLD DELUXE TANTRIC EXPERIENCE which is totally different from all my other massages. See the separate page for this massage.

I join with Jon to offer a Four handed massage to clients where both of us massage the client together, which is a very, very sensual experience, and I also massage couples and single female clients as well.

I can offer Tantric Instruction for couples, in which I show each partner how to massage the other using Tantra, and I also join with Jon to offer both One and Two day Instruction Courses for those wishing to learn how to give a genuine Tantric massage.

As I stated earlier, I offer the best Tantric massage from a female anywhere in the West Country. Why not call me and make a booking to see for yourself? Prices for my massage are on the PRICES page and my contact details are on the CONTACTS page.

Please note this is NOT a sexual service.



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