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Design on Life Academy Presents

"The Living Life Programme"

Mindfulness and Optimal Wellness Retreat

Here at Design on Life Academy we are building an agenda for optimal wellness, showing the best forms of stress busting, but in a very natural way. The ultimate aim is to produce a happy, contented employee who suffers less anxiety at work, has improved concentration, experiences less absenteeism and learns to improve spontaneity.

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A Lecture on Glycomics is included in this retreat.



"Finding Calm in our Stressed out Lives"

Identifying why we are stressed but more importantly, what we can do about  it.

Design on Life Academy "Loch Ness"


The Sweet Language of Life "Glycomics"

The discovery of the century 


Here at Design on Life Academy our Design on Life Program is designed to help you to create the life you want, learning unique and dymamic life skills. GlycoBiology is now becoming main stream, after 20 years of highly validated science and education and experiencial validation. 

Join us in exploring, our bodies, our emotional intellegence and our consciousness to the next level of awarness.  Contact us for some experiencial participation and information which will impact your life and every cell in your body. 

The National Academy of Sciences Speaks Out on Glycobiology

This publication presents a roadmap for transforming glycoscience from a field dominated primarily by specialists, to a more mainstream and integrated discipline. This new focus could lead to a more comprehensive understanding of glycans (sugars), helping to potentially solve key challenges in many diverse fields of health and medicine. But there’s a bigger point at play here.

  • Are you interested in knowing more?

  • What does it mean to you?

  • Would you like to participate?

  • Only SIX to TEN Delegates. A Unique Exclusive Retreat. 


"Living Life Programme" Mindfulness and Optimal Wellness Retreat

An educational holistic and residential retreat. Courses that will expose delegates to proffessional, respected and dynamic people who will share powerful techniques for your new design on life. The Life YOU Want!

Our learning modules are designed to expand upon individual strengths and skills and enable delegates to capture and harness their latent ability that will give them an edge when making important life choices. 

During the retreats, delegates will learn and understand more about themselves as holistic individuals: Their strengths, their beliefs, their true identity and most importantly, their personal responsibility for their own future. 

On a deeper level, the Design on Life Academy team will help delegates understand more about themselves and how much they can achieve in their lifetime. 


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