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On this website we go outside the box and look at the pros and cons of online dating.   

Usually when you select a dating website online they will want your details at the start.   Here we endevour to tell you something about the website BEFORE you give your particulars.  The final choice is always up to you.

We also go that one mile further and warn you about some people who use these websites for not genuine reasons.   Being wise ahead of a date is just a matter of common sense.

It is also sensible to know how these dating websites work.  We have searched the internet and have collated data for you to evaluate and make a selection.  We make no recommendations - the choice is always yours.

Some comparison websites give details of costs - so that you know what to expect before you sign up - it is better to know costs before giving your particulars and getting involved.

Remember, you can also search on Google, but this website has done a great deal of searching for you.   It simply saves you time and effort.  

As with most other online applications, the best recommendation is a friend who has had experience and is fully satisfied with the service provided and the end result.

Always ensure that your computer FIREWALL setting is switched on and that your security protection is active before searching the internet.

Dating on Facebook or Twitter

You can arrange dates on FACEBOOK and TWITTER but should be aware of the privacy implications.   Even if your settings are for friends only, remember that they can show what you have written to someone else - see menu for 'Dangers of Facebook'

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