The green has been closed early this year to allow some essential maintenance to be carried out following the extremely hot, dry summer of 2018 which left it in a less than desireable condition, with many bare patches.

The work is being carried out by Steven Morris, Landscaping contractor from Alness, and an army of willing club members. To date (5th Sept.) the green has been hollow tined, seeded and drag matted.

On the 10th Sept. 4 tons of top dressing was delivered to the club and deposited outside the club boundary wall from where it was wheelbarrowed onto the green for spreading. The task was made less onerous by the, once again, willing help of the volunteers. Steven spread the topdressing and this was followed by dragmatting and rolling before the application of fertiliser.

We now wait until the spring when another application of top dressing will be applied. 

Pictures can be viewed on the 2019 Green Maintenance page.


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