THE GREEN consists of six rinks, carefully maintained by our part-time greenkeeper with the help of some hardworking volunteers. It is bordered on two sides by flower-beds, with gravel paths all round. 


At various times of year, the call will go out for work parties to help with scarifying, spreading fertiliser, weeding the paths and beds, etc. We are always glad to have some extra hands, so don't wait to be asked!

(Notice the old heavy roller on the left which is no longer in use.  Modern greenkeepers believe these old rollers restrict the oxygen supply to the soil.)

On the right, Francis Fraser watering the green at 7 o'clock one morning!


THE CLUBHOUSE is small but well-equipped. It has a modern kitchen, chairs and tables and a row of lockers along one wall. It is big enough - just - to cater for the two teams of twelve bowlers each who contest the regular league matches.







The rink markers round the edge of the green are removed at the end of the season and stored in the shed.  The measurements for setting out the markers at the start of the season can be downloaded here.   These are only relevant for the Cromarty green.



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