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Corley Cemetery

Rules and Regulations 2019


Email:  corleyparishcouncil@yahoo.co.uk           Tel: 07710 487765






These rules and regulations apply to Corley Cemetery, Church Lane, Corley which is

owned and managed by Corley Parish Council.


It is the responsibility of everyone using or providing service within the cemetery to do

so, in a manner which accords with all current Health and Safety legislation.


All bookings and general enquiries regarding the cemetery should be directed to the

Clerk of the Corley Parish Council.


Corley Parish Council reserve the right to take any remedial action if these regulations

are breached. The financial liability for such corrective action will be the responsibility of

the grave owner.


2.       FEES


Fees are reviewed annually and charges apply for:


The purchase of Exclusive Right of Burial for 75 Years (SEVENTY-FIVE) - £850

1st interment - £250

Each subsequent interment - £250

Childs burial UNDER 18 - £100

License to erect a memorial - £150

The right to add an additional inscription to a memorial – £50

The transfer/renewal of Exclusive Right of Burial – £50




The maximum coffin size for a child’s grave is FOUR FEET.

Exclusive Rights relating to the term for granting a licence for the erection of a memorial – this will be for 50 years or the expiration of the period of the grant of burial whichever is the sooner.  


3.       GRAVES


Burial Plots


A full burial plot measures 7’ 6” (deep) x 4’6” and may contain a maximum of 3 full burial interments.


For interments of coffins or caskets larger than 78 inches x 28 inches or 198 cm x 71 cm, two single plots, side by side, must be purchased, at the relevant fee. Graves must be spaced 5’ 6” apart centre to centre.


Children’s Plots


Corley Cemetery has allocated a part of the land specifically for the burial of children.


The Parish Council, as custodians of the Cemetery, will have the duty and responsibly to advise if the deceased should be provided a grave within the children’s area or if it is more appropriate to provide a grave in the main area of the Cemetery.



4.       BUYING RIGHTS TO A GRAVE – Only possible at time of first interment and sale only to a resident of Corley (please see map outlining the Parish Boundary of Corley under library) – to be at the total discretion of the Parish Council.


It is important to understand that when a grave is bought, what is being purchased is the Exclusive Right of Burial for a grave for an agreed period of time.  This does not involve the purchase of land and no ownership of land is transferred to the purchaser.  A Deed of Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial is issued by the Burial Authority in respect of every exclusive right purchased.  Any person who purchases the exclusive right of burial for a grave space/cremation plot, shall not convey, assign or transfer such right without the consent of the Burial Authority and payment of the relevant fee.


The Deed grants the purchaser the right to:


Be buried in a designated grave, if space is available.

Allow further burials in the grave, where space is available.

Apply for permission to place an inscribed memorial on the grave or an additional

inscription to be added.


By law, a purchased grave may only be opened for the burial of the Deed holder or for the burial of another person with the written permission of the Deed holder. 

The Deed must be transferred by legal process should somebody else wish to arrange a further burial in the grave or add a memorial/additional inscription.  The Deed must be kept safe as it forms part of the purchaser’s estate.



Period of Exclusive Right of Burial

An Exclusive Right of Burial gives a right to burial in the ground for a period of 75





All interments must be attended by a Funeral Director or Elected Member of the Council

or a Council Employee as the officiator. 


Family only interments are not permitted.


A fully completed Notice of Interment form, together with full payment, must be

received by Corley Parish Council in sufficient time before the funeral.


Where an Exclusive Right of Burial has already been granted in respect of a grave space

to be used for the interment, the original Deed must be produced to the Parish Council.


The ultimate responsibility for digging a burial plot rest with the Parish Council.


The Parish Council will liaise with designated contacts within the Funeral Directors to

schedule this work at the correct time.  


All surplus soil maybe be removed from the site by the grave digger if this is deemed necessary. 


Deed holders must be aware that some disturbance may occur to the surface of a grave

if an adjacent grave is opened.  This may be unavoidable.  Disturbance will be kept to a

minimum and the grave will be tidied afterwards.


Coffins and caskets for all burials must be made from suitable bio-degradable materials such as wood, wicker, cane, bamboo, wool, cardboard. It is possible in special circumstances that a metal casket is allowed at the discretion of the Parish Council. 


The scattering of ashes is not permissible anywhere in the cemetery.




The interment of a non resident may be considered, where they were formerly a resident but were obliged to reside outside the parish during their declining years in order to receive nursing or other residential care. This is at the discretion of the Parish Council whose decision is final and binding.





The Cemetery is a place of peace and quiet reflection but it is also a workplace for obvious reasons.


Visitors are welcome but please respect the special nature of the site and the needs of other visitors and keep to the paths at all times unless visiting a grave.


Vehicles are not allowed in the cemetery




No games, sports, riding of bicycles, skateboards, roller blades or similar are allowed in

the cemetery.  No consumption of alcohol or drugs may take place within the cemetery.


Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.


Dogs are permitted in the cemetery but must be on a lead at all times, under full control.


The Parish Council, when advised of any breach of these rules, will ensure appropriate action is taken.



8.       MEMORIALS


Permission is required to place any headstone and base on burial or cremation plots for which the Exclusive Right of Burial has been purchased.  


A temporary marker may be placed on the grave until a permanent memorial has been erected or until a maximum period of 12 months has elapsed. The placing of railings, raised surrounds, edging stones, chippings, lights, planting around the grave is not permitted. The Graves are all lawn type and must be kept level to accommodate mowing.


Permitted sizes of a monument, headstone or memorial plaque are as follows and as specified NAMM (National Association of Memorial Masons).



Burial plots adult – maximum dimension allowed is 24” wide x 30” high x 4” thick for

headstone sitting on a single base of 30” wide x 12” deep x 4”


Burial plots children – maximum dimension allowed is 18” wide x 21” high x 3” thick for

a headstone sitting on a single base of 18” wide x 12” deep x 3” thick


Any Memorials not abiding to the permitted sizes shall be immediately removed by the

grave owner, having received notification of breach of the regulations.


In the event that the monument is not removed the Parish Council reserves the right to

remove the Memorial and claim all costs of removal from the grave owner.


The Parish Council reserves the right to amend these regulations and to deal with any circumstances or contingency not provided for in the regulations as necessary.











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