Corley Parish Council, after discussions and negotiations, has completed the purchase of the ex-Church of England School Playground from Corley Church and Warwickshire County Council.  It is likely you have noticed that the work required to transform the land into the new Corley Village Cemetery, has already started.

The  existing  Church  graveyard is very  nearly  full  and  the Parish Council anticipates the new cemetery will come into use within the next two to five years.  The work will be commissioned in various stages and the Parish Council is committed   to  using  local contractors for the work.  The  Parish Council has a duty to residents and, therefore, to  Council Tax payers; to ensure ‘value for money’ is achieved and we always obtain a number of quotations with this objective in mind.


Phase One: Ground preparation

Some weeks ago, in anticipation of drier weather, a local contractor was appointed to make ready the land for its intended use.  This was a bigger task, than initially expected. The area was excavated and the tar macadam, hard-core and surplus clay and rubble were removed and many tons of soil imported to replace the waste material removed.  The land was then levelled and re-seeded – care had to be taken during this work, as the large tree within the land has a protection order on it.


Phase Two: Fencing, gates, trees

The existing perimeter fencing and gates; being many years old, needed replacing. A similar wooden fence was selected and new double gates   and single gate; wide enough for wheelchair access are due to be installed shortly.  The new fencing, was again the work of a local company and has already transformed the appearance of the land. Work has also been commissioned to cut back the branches of the overgrown trees down the field side and also the overgrown grass; prior to the new fencing being installed.  With the grass seed really coming through, the whole area is starting to take shape nicely.


Future Work

There are various other items your Parish Council is progressing.  These include items such as – new road signage, possible installation of a water supply and drainage, installation of a bench around the protected tree and the overall layout of the cemetery; including some pathways.

It is likely that in addition to burial plots, the new cemetery will also incorporate a Garden of Rest for the internment of ashes. As this will be a cemetery that is not directly connected to  Corley Church, your Parish Council will need to compile a set of guidelines; which will specify who is eligible to make use of this new facility.

The Parish Council hope you appreciate the efforts that have been expended on this project and the visible signs of real progress.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments on the new cemetery, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council:

Clerk: Emily Grainger-Smith                                              

Tel: 07792186671

Email: corleyparishcouncil@yahoo.co.uk 

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