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Conditions of Hire

for Private Hirers


  1. All applications for the hire of any facilities at Hillcrest Halls must be made in writing by person(s) not less than 21 years old on the attached form stating the purpose for which the facilities are required.
  2. The application form and booking fee will usually be received at least 28 days prior to the date of the booking or by return for a late booking. The booking is not a firm booking until the booking form and fees are received.
  3. A Surety payment of £200.00 (or £60.00 for children’s bookings up to 7pm) shall be paid by the Hirer to cover any expenses incurred by the Clockhouse Community Association in restoring the building and surrounding area (hereafter referred to as the property) to a clean and tidy condition after hiring. This shall not be the limit of the users’ responsibility.  The surety will be returned within 3 weeks of the conclusion of the hiring unless expenses are incurred by the Clockhouse Community Association.
  4. The Hirer(s) shall not sublet the booking.
  5. The Clockhouse Community Association reserves the right to refuse or cancel any booking without explanation. In these circumstances the total charges paid will be refunded but the Association shall not be liable for any losses sustained.
  6. Authorised representatives of the Clockhouse Community Association shall have the right of access to the property at all times.
  7. All payments in respect of hire charges and deposit if not paid in cash shall be made by cheque or postal order in favour of the Clockhouse Community Association and crossed A/c payee.  Credit card payments are not accepted.
  8. The halls are hired for private functions. If tickets are issued they must be purchased before the doors are open and not by payment at the entrance.
  9. The hirer(s) shall be responsible for the fulfilment of the law in all aspects, particularly health and safety, and any other legal requirements in connection with their use of the Halls.  This will include supervision of participants, particularly children, in all parts of the property.
  10. The hirer(s) will use the premises, furniture and equipment as intended and will be held responsible for damage or misuse of property belonging to the Clockhouse Community Association or its member organisations.
  11. The hirer(s) shall report to the Secretary / Administrator any damage to or loss of furniture or any other property belonging to the Clockhouse Community Association, which shall be fully reimbursed for the cost of repairing and replacing such loss of damage.
  12. The Clockhouse Community Association shall not be responsible for the loss/theft/damage to any property brought into or left in the property by the hirer(s) or loss or damage or injury which may be suffered by or happen to any persons temporarily using the premises.
  13. The hirer(s) shall not permit sound amplification equipment to be used after 11.30pm and prevent any acts likely to cause disturbance in the vicinity.  The premises are to be vacated by 12 midnight.
  14. Keys are supplied on the strict understanding that these are not given to unauthorised persons. Any loss must be reported to the secretary immediately (the full cost of changing the locks, replacing keys and alarm system remote control will be reclaimed from any deposit paid) and all keys to be returned on completion of the hire.
  15. The hirer(s) are responsible for ensuring the regulations for the use of the premises and the fire precautions as displayed in the halls are complied with.
  16. The Hirer(s) shall leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition and furniture replaced after use. If the premises require cleaning before the next user, there will be a £25 charge taken from the deposit).  The hirer ensures that all windows and doors are locked prior to departure.
  17. The Maximum amount of people in the halls is 130 because of fire regulations and health and safety requirements.
  18. Cancellation Charges: In the event of your need to cancel your booking please write to the Clockhouse Community Association as soon as possible. A cancellation fee of 25% of the original hire charge will be payable for cancellations notified two weeks or more before the booked date and 50% charge for cancellations less than two weeks notification.

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