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On the 24th February, the Staffordshire Squadron disembarked, and moved up to the great cavalry camp at Maitland, where a week passed quickly away in drill parades, and field days. Here is a typical Maitland day:-

05:00  Reveille 
05:30  Feed 
07:00  Parade (field services marching order) 
08:15  Water on return.
08:30  Breakfast 
09:00  Stables and rifle cleaning 
12:00  Water 
12:30  Feed 
13:00  Dinner 
14:15  Foot parade 
15:00  Change mounts 
16:30  Water 
17:00  Stables
18:00  Muscle Drill 
18:30  Feed 
18:30  Night guard 
19:00  Tea
21:00  First post 
21:30  Tattoo 
22:00  Lights out 

On the evening of the 5th of March, the Squadron entrained for De Aar, . . .
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