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Cameronian Day 2018.

Saturday the 14th of May 1689, The Cameronians were raised at Douglas Lanarkshire

Tuesday the 14th of May 1968, The Cameronians were Disbanded at Douglas Lanarkshire

Monday the 14th of May 2018, Old Cameronians and their families will think back over the 50 years since the regiment was disbanded, as ever the regimental flag flies over Edinburgh Castle to acknowledge Cameronian Day and be remembered by the regiments of the Scottish Division and battalions of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. 

Cameronian badges of all sizes from small lapel sized to large T Shirt prints, Douglas tartan will be worn with pride whether trews, kilts or the smallest scrap, some will go as far as erecting their own flag pole to fly the flag, some will be defying local planning regulations in good old Cameronian tradition. All done to remember the regiment of Old Lanarkshire and the Covenanters.

But let us not forget the other part of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) legend, the old 90th regiment of foot the Perthshire Light Infantry or Perthshire Greybreeks as they were nicknamed, raised in the year 1794 on Monday the 10th of February by Thomas Graham of Balgowan Perthshire to fight the French armies of Napoleon and to avenge the insult to his dear wife Jean.


On the day,

Afternoon parade times and route which will follow the route taken by the regiment 1968.

.....Parade .assemble Addison drive 13.00 for 13.15 March off proceed ayr rd ..main st......path head ...Blue tower....crabtree st...main St.....entering douglas ad Angus Estate to proceed to cairn arriving approx 13 50

Website of the Days Service.


Youtube Films of the Disbandment Memorial Service.



Tickets for buffet and drinks, free to paid up members, £5 to non members. Contact Joe McDonald via webmaster Douglas Torrance.

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Cameronians Disbandment 1968.



Yesterday 10 April final preperations were put in place for the 50th aniversary of the disbandment thanks to the Royal Regiment of Scotland for their co operation in this for those attending the cairn please note that there will be traffic restrictions in place from 13 15 hrs please be at the cairn brfore this time due to parade that will follow the disbandment route anyone wishing or thinks they are capable of parading the route or part thereof please contact me by ASAP 

Parade route as follows
Addison drive 1300 for 13.15 March off
Main St
Blue tower
Crabtree st
Main St
Enter Douglas and Angus Estate to proceed to cairn 13 50 approx

It is hoped that forces personnel will participate in the parade

Thanks to everyone who has supported this event also thank you for your cooperation on the above restrictions


Final preparations are on going the cairn will be cleaned but not 100% due to me finding weather damage to the pointing this will be rectified soon but not before the 13th this was unforseen but due to the location and weather wear and tear take its toll please note that the week leading up to the 13th there will be wet paint on the fence BEWARE OF THIS.....take note that the corner flower beds will  beds striped of all memorial crosses thsee will be replaced  by new ones at the service..only 2 memorials will be left in situ as these have been  placed privately 
I wish to thank Mr Alec Maxwell for his time and dedication on making the replacement crosses also for the making of the table lectern for Col Clelland sword PLEASE  if visiting the cairn  week prior to conventicle I would apreciate if you did not leave any flowers or other memorials as they will be removed before hand but will be replaced after the service thank you all for your cope ration on this hope that those who attend the day will enjoy themselves

Robert Mitchell ...F.R.EMT

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