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Membership of Association.

The Cameronians (SR) Friends and Families Association welcomes as members ex Cameronians, families who had a relative who served the regiment, friends who have an interest in the regiment and it's history, ex service personnel, cadets, TA. All are warmly welcomed at meetings or events anywhere the country over.  

The cost to join the Association for a year is £10. Collected yearly it is well spent on wreaths, comforts and general running costs throughout the year. 

Meetings are held regularly at a venue in Tannochside Lanarkshire.



An afternoon of fun, chatter, renewing friendships, making new friends and associated business. Raffles are held which brings a good deal of laughter.

Contact  Joe McDonald at cameronians2@gmail.com 

Contact Details, email cameronianfriends@gmail.com or Secretary Joe McDonald at cameronians2@gmail.com

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