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Some questions asked about the regiment and the Association.

Why do the members keep alive a regiment who were disbanded nearly fifty years ago. Ask any old Cameronian and they will tell you why, they all will have a reason why? I can't for them as I was born a year and more after the Disbandment. My late father was a Cameronian so I grew up with tales and pictures of his 6 years service, now I'm proud to say my father was a Cameronian as do others.

Why did the regiment get disbanded?  Defence cuts by the government of 1967/8. The regiment had the choice of amalgamation with another Scottish regiment or disband, the vote throughout the regiment was to disband as the regiment was too unique to have its name and history diluted. The only other regiment to do so was The Yorkshire and Lancashire regiment.

Next meeting which is Sunday 15th of September at the The Tannochside Olde Club 416 Old Edinburgh Road Tannochside at 2pm.


Contact Details, Douglas Torrance 07706022352 or email cameronianfriends@gmail.com or Secretary Joe McDonald at cameronians2@gmail.com

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