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Bugle Major Maxi Mcdonald.
Sadly today the last Bugle Major of the Regiment Maxi Mcdonald passed away.

Our regards passed to his family.
Posted by Douglas Torrance on 19 November 2020
Remembrance Services.
This year there will be no Remembrance Service at Glasgow Cenotaph George Square or Kelvingrove due to Covid restrictions.
Posted by Douglas Torrance on 06 September 2020
the burial of the late marian ralston will be on wednesday the 8th of
july at 14.00 hrs in the eastfield cemetery cumbernauld g68 0ea.
please give billy mcneill a bit of support by attending, please be
safe and stay the two metre distance.

regards joe.

Posted by Douglas Torrance on 30 June 2020
Found Medals Elgin.
for accepting me into the group.
I’m trying to research and find information concerning a veteran of the regiment.
Unfortunately with very little success

RFN 3244306 G BLACKLOCK maybe (george)
he was awarded the GSM Palestine clasp also
WW2 Defence and war medals ?could anybody tell me why only two medals
He also won three sports medals
One in 1938 winner western district depot staff relay race
He was also stationed in Bombay India in aug 1945

Any information from ledgers or possible photos from regimental magazines
Would be very much appreciated to help me with this
As I’m trying to build a research piece ,where he was from date of birth
Posted by George McDonald on 20 June 2020
hi douglas i was aware of the staffordshire regimental association
forming a guard of honour outside rons house on the 4th june. ron was
one of there members as he had a connection with the staffords as ron
was a home guard i assume before he was called up to the cameronians

i shall be part of the guard honour with our light infantry association
branch standard as ron was also a member of our association

if any cameronians can get to be part of the guard of honour they are
assembling at 1030hrs in long lane Great Wyrley Walsall WS6 6AU

take care patrick
Posted by Douglas Torrance on 28 May 2020
report of death
Posted on 20 May 2020
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Posted on 17 February 2019
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