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The Lottery pages are updated every Sunday following the Saturday draw and on Thursday following the mid-week draw.  All registered members with e.mail addresses can access full details by opening the attachment on the twice weekly e.mails I send out.

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Please note that membership of the Lottery Club is restricted to CALDERCRAIG MEMBERS and their immediate families and friends.

For only £5.00 per month (payable by standing order) you have several chances  to win our super weekly prizes.

All existing members of the lottery club are asked to consider making payments to the lottery by Standing Order. All new members are required to set up a standing order payment plan. It's simple and costs nothing AND you remain in total control. For further information or an entry form contact the lottery adinistrator by e-mail at:


(note: this address should not be used for membership or general enquiries)



Do you still waste your money in an almost fruitless attempt to win any kind of prize in the National Lottery or have you, along with millions of others, become a disillusioned former player? If you fall into one of these categories there’s no better time than now to join our own in-house lottery where for only £5.00 per month you have 9 entries to win prizes of between £25 and £50. You won’t win a life changing fortune but you do have an excellent chance of winning, having some fun and knowing that all profits go to the benefit of the club. 

                                                               Lottery Administrator

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