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30 August 2023Solidarity Pickets Continue

Last Saturday (26 Sept) we had a well attended and enthusiastic solidarity picket with the RMT - on strike for fair pay and conditions including keeping ticket offices open and protecting jobs.  This has resulted in very good local media coverage (many thanks to Lorne!).


And our efforts sparked the attention of Mick Lynch, (RMT general secretary) who sent us a message - “ Hello Brothers & Sisters in Berwick on the picket. I am so proud if what you are doing - your strength and solidarity is an inspiration. Keep united and see it through."  

This Saturday (2 Sept picket line 9-11am) the RMT are on strike again as the government refuses to allow the rail companies to make a revised offer.  Martin Mccleary, Berwick RMT Secretary, says -

"Companies are intent on de-staffing the railway and making us pay for a real terms pay cut by attacking our terms and conditions. Our picket lines have been praised by Mick Lynch - let’s get another bumper turn out to show we are still here.  I wish to thank you all for your help during our campaign to save our ticket office. I hope to see you on Saturday morning."

25 July 2023Massive support for Save Our Ticket Office

The Maltings main theatre was packed at 5pm last Friday, with trade unionists and community groups coming together with one voice, opposing the proposed ticket office closure in Berwick-upon-Tweed. The star speaker was Mick Lynch, RMT general secretary.

The meeting was organised by the local RMT branch with Berwick Trade Union Council. We'd built up the campaign in the days and weeks before with leafleting and street stalls. The campaign is well received by local people.

Reports in the Morning Star and the local press

16 July 2023Berwick Outrage at proposed closure of ticket office

The RMT Mick Lynch public meeting at the Maltings Berwick upon Tweed has been moved to the main theatre due to unprecedented demand. The event takes place on Friday 21st July 1700-1900

Martin McCleary Branch Secretary RMT Berwick Rail, "we booked small studio at The Maltings at Berwick and put 70 tickets on sale (free), these sold out in under 6 hours. We managed to secure an extra 20 places and these went on under 4 hours. We are delighted to announce the event has been moved up to the main theatre - thanks to The Maltings at Berwick for their help. Tickets are back on eventbrite but with increased capacity it should allow for walk ups. The people of Berwick and north Northumberland are incandescent with the proposed closure of Berwick ticket office. This event is a call to arms to get the public to engage in the consultation and to stop this attack in its tracks. We are delighted that Mick Lynch is attending to show his support for our Community "

Our stall in Berwick Town centre last week received a lot of positive attention and support with people eager to fill in the consultation form and commit to the above meeting. With the change to the large theatre, it will problably be a walk in event but still register, particularly if you're travelling.


Register here 




10 July 2023Mick Lynch, RMT, to speak at The Maltings


          The Train Operating Companies which serve Berwick upon Tweed railway station are proposing to close the towns Ticket, Reservation and Enquiry Office at the station. As well as closing up to 1,000 of these invaluable and customer important offices the Train Operating Companies (TOC`s) are issuing Statutory Redundancy Notices to hundreds of railway employees. The Rail and Maritime Trade Union have said “some of these companies are cutting up to two thirds of their Staff.” Travellers will be forced to rely on apps and remote mobile staff to assist them rather than trained staff at stations. This will be catastrophic for older and disabled passengers and the TOC`s should be looking to enhance the service provided to the public not destroying it! This is anything but progressive, forward looking and inclusive “modernisation.”

          As part of the Campaign to Save Berwick Ticket Office, and all other threatened Ticket Offices, Mick Lynch, General Secretary of the RMT, will be speaking at a Public Rally at the Maltings, Eastern Lane, Berwick on Friday 21st July between 1700 and 1900. Other speakers will represent Disabled People Against the Cuts, the National Pensioners Convention and a local Councillor. Entry is FREE and seats are bookable through EVENTBRITE.


05 July 2023Pay Up! Save Our Schools

Berwick Trades Union Council in solidarity with the teachers, today, out side the Guild Hall, Berwick

Teachers and support staff are leaving the jobs they love because of years of low pay rises and high work load.

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