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XEN-TAN the revolutionary new fake tan product range fresh from the USA is a complete breakthrough in self tanning. It has been clinically developed to overcome all the dreaded drawbacks so frequently associated with the more well known fake tans!

Founded by ardent self-tanning fans who were simply fed up with bad odours, orange skin and far too much mess – XenTan is arguably The Best Fake Tan on the Market Today.

XEN-TAN is quite simply the answer to every Fake-Tan Fan’s prayers.  But don't take my word for it, check out this recent magazine testing.


XEN-TAN was the fake tan of choice on a recent espisode of the Channel 4 hit show 'How To Look Good Naked', when a contestant was made over.


Check out these fablous Nouveau lashes as wore by  WAGS and Coleen Rooney on her wedding day!

Nouveau Lashes are a groundbreaking new way to extend and thicken lashes to give long, full eyelashes that look and feel very natural.

But don't just believe us, check out this recent review in the Daily Mail.

Daily Mail

Lashes 10 out of 10

" eyes look twice the size and are framed by lucious and natural looking lashes...the most effective way to look naturally gorgeous!". Alice Smellie, Daily Mail

Following on from the success of TV’s recent ‘Wags Boutique’ the WAGS have put together a stunning fitness DVD. Nouveau company trainer Bridgette Softley applied Nouveau Lashes to three beautiful wags; Nicola T (Wags Boutique), Melissa Johnson (model and make up artist) and Lisa Munday (Robbie William’s ‘Radio’).

WAGS DVD   Wag Lashes



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