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Compost Obsession...

You know you are obsessed with all matters compost if:

  • your shopping list reflects the needs of your wormery ("Oh, do buy some lettuce, my worms will love it!")
  • your life style has changed since introducing a composting element ("Gosh, now we have a Bokashi bin, we can have fish and chicken on ANY day of the week - not just the day before the dustbin collection, so that our bin doesn't smell!")
  • you get really possessive about the product of your compost bin(s) ("Use MY compost?  Put it OUTSIDE??  You must be joking, it might get wet!!")
  • you make sure the worms in your wormery share your Christmas dinner by giving them Brussels Sprout leaves


And a genuine quote from National Trust Acorn Bank Apple Day 2017:

  • "You have transformed my LIFE!" 

And another from Wreay Compost Workshop, 14 March 2018:

  • (after discussion about adding cardboard to grass cuttings): "I am just so annoyed, because that is what my daughter has kept telling me to do!"
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