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Bad reasons people give for not composting:

  • It's hard work - oh, no, it isn't!  What's difficult about piliings things in a heap and leaving them for several months?
  • It takes up a lot of space - it can do, but it doesn't have to: see our "bins" page
  • There's a kerb-side collection for garden and food waste - that's a good thing, but if you can deal with it yourself, then that is so much haulage saved, and maybe the Council can collect something else instead?
  • It attracts rats - vegetable matter is not appealing to rats; meat and some other food stuffs might, but only if there are already rats in the area.  There are safe ways to deal with meat, dairy and other food waste - see our "bins" page
  • I don't want lots of flies! - the flies in compost bins are only fruit flies.  They are annoying, but they don't bite or hurt or cause disease problems.  If you cover the top of your compost with a sheet of newspaper, the problem will be much reduced; you can also use the lid of your bin as a shield
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