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Why compost at home?


  • you need lots of good quality soil and don't want to buy it
  • you hate seeing your own nutrients going somewhere else
  • you want to cut down the haulage of waste (zero compost miles!)*
  • it's incredibly satisfying making something out of rubbish
  • you are a very keen gardener and want the very best fertiliser you can get
  • you want to know exactly what you are putting into your soil
  • your garden is organic, and you want to keep it so
  • your ancestors chucked their waste on the midden, and you want to follow suit
  • your children have a passionate interest in creepy crawlies and want a never-ending supply
  • you have an embarrassing amount of organic waste and want to hide it from the neighbours (great way to dispose of wine corks...)
  • it just seems right to keep the stuff you grow on your own land
  • you eat so many vegetables you have vast quantities of peels which would take up too much room in the dustbin
  • if you recycle what you can at home, the council can spend their resources on dealing with the more difficult stuff
  • local collections are erratic or non-existent
  • .....  (please give us other reasons,

*INTERESTING 'FACT'!  It is estimated that a domestic compost bin will save 150kg of organic waste being hauled by the county's disposal service every year.  If the average dustbin lorry carries something like 14 tonnes, 100 compost bins would save one journey.  Given that many of us have more than one bin (20 and rising, in my case!), there is scope for massive impact in a county which recorded 22,042 households on census day in 2011....  

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