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Master Composters in Cumbria

I am hoping my fellow Cumbria Master Composters will join me on this page.

You can contact us via the ASK A QUESTION page at the moment, or directly to those who have given their details below. 

And here are a few of us introducing ourselves:

I am Chloe Randall; I live near Shap (having moved into the area in 2010, from the Isle of Islay - I came back to civilisation).  My mother (Janice) has been composting for years and has passed on her enormous enthusiasm to me.  I joined the Master Composter programme to learn more about it, and am now beginning to appreciate the vital importance of taking enough Browns with your Greens; and the incredible value of worms.  A lucky (modest) windfall meant I could also invest in a Bokhashi bin, so now have zero kitchen waste in the blue bag.  You can reach me via the Ask A Question! page or directly via randallchloe@rocketmail.com.

Eve Simpson (we've just done a workshop at Alston Moor, 21 September 2017!) is going to add her contact details here, and hopefully add some material to the site!

Steve Povey - based in Ulverston, Steve has had his own allotment for 15+ years.  You can contact Steve via e-mail sjpovey@hotmail.co.uk or telephone 01229 587726 

I am Kath Halfpenny. I live in a small village near Carlisle. I have been composting for more than twenty years now and have gone from failing at first to learning how to make it work and now succeeding on a grand scale due to our large garden and pond. I now no longer buy any compost either to use in the garden or to cultivate plants.

I make lots of leaf mould which is also wonderful stuff for the garden and plants and I try to make ericaceous compost by using bracken, ferns and conifer debris mixed together.

Although most of my compost is made in home-made wooden bays, I am a big fan of The Green Johanna – a plastic compost bin with a base so that rodents can’t get in. However, it is perforated to allow those wonderful worms and bacteria in. These bins can usually be acquired from the local council at a much reduced cost.

Contact Kath via this website, please!

Gilmour McKellar lives in Carlisle.  He says, "I attended the recent training day in Kendal, and I am now very happy to be a Cumbrian Master Composter. My garden at home is small but I wanted to improve the quality of my composting efforts.  The enthusiasm I have developed from the knowledge I have recently gained finds me talking about compost frequently!  

As well as words, actions over the last few days have seen the start of Compost Corner at Tullie House Museum "Secret Garden."  The garden was successfuly created over the last 12 months for use by community groups, schools and families. It is early days but we aim to have " Daleks" as well as DIY bins. I am working with Tullie House and TCV - The Conservation Volunteers - tcv.org.uk - to create it.  The garden will be available for future compost training!

Contact Gilmour via this website, please!

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