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Why you should love your worms - coming SOON...

Meanwhile, for those with 'deep' wormery problems, there may be some answers on this note of a Wormery Knowledge Exchange on 15 February 2019.

Have a look at the Blog page for an experiment on ultra efficient composting for those with space constraints.

In the meantime, if you fancy a disgusting interlude with edible worms, read about it HERE.


And rather more practically, here are a few notes on how to set up your very own TABLE TOP WORMERY!

AND here is a splendid comment for anyone worried about finding worms other than the TIGERS in their wormery.  "If it eats, it excretes" - in other words, if it's a worm, it's still your friend!!

And another worm snippet from Ronnie Burn, Wormcity: "...Tiger worms aren't the best.  Tiger worms are good, Dendras are equally so. Dendras are more robust, more acid tolerant and live deeper. Thats why we mix the species." 

There's a copy of a talk for a School Gardening Group which might be of interest here.

And there is a splendid leaflet called "Go Wild For Worms" to be downloaded from the Wild About Gardens website here.


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