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It would be very interesting if you could leave a comment explaining why you came to this site, and what you thought of it when you arrived, please.

Every little helps !
Posted by Lucy Teather on 18 December 2018
... and every little comment helps too, thanks Lucy!
Posted by Chloe on 18 December 2018
wiggly wigglers
I have just come across this website: https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk
Posted by Wendi on 22 July 2018
Yes, it's a good site and I will add it to the links page. Their wormeries are very sophisticated "urban" ones, their main focus seems to be bringing the country to the poor souls who live in cities - a very nice thing to do!
Posted by Chloe on 22 July 2018
Further to the zen link below....
...here is further on-the-ground evidence of the need for holistic composting. A recent study found allotment soil to be much richer than intensively farmed soil. There's an article in the little i paper on 17 July 2018 headed "A dirt poor world" by Dr Malcolm Smith:


Pass this link on to an intensive farmer near you.
Posted by Chloe on 19 July 2018
Zen and composting
Existential Cool - Buddhism and the Art of Acceptance. Heard on Radio 4 at 1.45 pm on Thursday 19th July

Posted by Wendi on 19 July 2018
Thanks, Wendi, found it and listened! Very good simile, shall ponder it when I next turn the compost. Was so sorry at the end when he ran for the Eurostar....
Posted by Chloe on 19 July 2018
Jelly Worms and chocolate soil
Had a brilliant day at the workshop with Chloe and Rosie yesterday. Please can you post a picture of the jelly worms? Thanks for the recipe on this site. They will be great for composting workshops and even trick or treat!
Posted by Eve Simpson on 22 September 2017
Thanks, Eve, it was a very nice group of people with a real interest in composting - and I am hoping that someone will send me some photographs. Although I had my camera, as so often, I forgot to use it. (And I admit the jelly worms concept started from a Halloween recipe in a cookery magazine...)
Posted by Chloe on 22 September 2017
What fun - I'm sorry I missed it!
Posted by Fiona Merritt on 09 May 2018
Thanks Fiona, see you at another one! And I have at last added a picture of edible worms to the WORMS page (where else..?)
Posted by Chloe on 09 May 2018
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