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Practices in Severe Weather 2010
04 January 2010

Currently there is a severe weather advisory notice from the Met Office covering the period which includes the first practice session in this New Year. The weather warning advises of the likelihood of icy roads and heavy snowfall in places throughout the Grampian region. I have consulted with Hugh and we feel that if you feel unable to travel to a practice at this time, then please do not feel obliged so to do.

The weather is predicted to ameliorate sometime in the next two to three weeks. If you choose to stay at home, please practice from the Tullynessle list and the 2009 playlist. The Burns tunes can be emailed to you from Wednesday 6th January, but are simple and should not prove too much of a problem if we only have (at worst) one practice session before the Lumsden Burns Supper.

I will attempt to reach Hugh (who is currently snowed in) on Wednesday evening in order to pick him up for the practice, but we both emphasize that if you do not feel able to travel, please stay at home on this occasion. If you wish to telephone to discuss the arrangements, please 'phone Jim before 6.00pm on Wednesday evening.

A happy New Year to all, and stay safe in this bad weather.

UPDATE 5th January...practice cancelled due to severe weather, check website this time next week for further information.

UPDATE 12th January...practice to go ahead tomorrow. Snow now melting fairly quickly. Please be careful when entering the Heritage Centre as the pavements and approach were quite icy when last viewed.

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