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ABHRAS means Woolwork in the Gaelic language, and wool and textile art is what I do.

                                                                                         Where others may work in the medium of paint or metal or plastic, I use the possibilities inherent in textile thread and fabric to create works of art.

My chief inspiration  is from the poetry and legends of North West Europe, especially that written in the Gaelic, Norse and Irish    Working from these I create multi-textured pieces full of colour and symbolism.   Superimposed on a background of woolen textile material will be objects  (both found and chosen) that have a direct or symbolic link with the matter of the poem.   Together, the background and the objects form a unity that can be viewed both as a carefully composed abstract commentary on the author's work and as a deliberate sequence of relevant objects, each offering a small illustration of some aspect of the poem.    So each piece carries within it a genuine link to the landscape from which the poems arose.

Please note we have moved

Outside current or forthcoming exhibitions you can find me at my small studio in Dromig Farmhouse, Dromig,  5 mins drive from Skibbereen, but I am always within reach by phone or email

Visits to schools  Reasonable Fees

Dromig Farm House, Dromig, Skibbereen, Cork ,  Eire


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