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Mozambique Hardwoods Available mail order at new website reidtimber.co.uk

All the Mozambique timbers come from a forest management company in Sofala Province in central Mozambique.  the forest consession is about ten square miles and the company, Dalmann have a philosophy of sustainable and responsible management. Their approach encompases not just timber production but forest replanting, wildlife protection, anti poaching and local training and employment. Visit their website to see what is being done with the money raised for sales of the wood Dalmann

Most of the timber processing is done in Mozambique by locally employed workers. They are trained on site in a variety of crafts and unlike some machining done by source countries this is done to a high standard with virtually no substandard timber reaching the market. For more information about the timbers visit the UK website Dalmann UK

Tree slices / Cheeseboards

These are cut sanded and oiled ready for use, or you can recut or rework them for your own purpose, they are Wild Mango (Cordylla africana)


Large boards

Boards of Cordyla africana sliced right through the tree with bark both sides these are ideal for interior furniture projects. The trees were discovered lying on the forest floor when the company got the concession to manage the forrest and thrugged outsice of the boards comes from the cumulative effects of decades of weathering. The smaller tree sections were used to make the cheeseboards ( above)





Available in 25mm thick and 150mm to 250mm wide, lengths up to 2.2m and in Panga Panga, Umbilo, Chamfuta Pod Mahogany and Wild Mango Cordyla.




Spindles and bowl blanks



Spindles and bowl blanks at reasonable prices in over 20 species.



Brown Ivory

Berchemia discolor s.g 0.97

A dense brown wood normaly with a plane figure but sometimes with striking figure this is of the same family as the better known Pink Ivory. Known localy as Ntacha, Requires sharp tools to work well but is very attractive when finished, giving a deep shine due to it's close grain.


Panga Panga

Milletia stuhlmannii s.g. 0.87

Of the same family as Wenge this timber is sometimes called Partrigewood because of its figure being reminiscent of a partrige wing. Panga panga is extremely durable, attractive when finished and takes oil finishes well, suitable for turnery, ornamental work  cabinet making, this timber is available in 25mm thick boards up to 2.2m long.



Leadwood is a dense heavy timber almost black in colour and capable of being worked to a very high standard of finish. Note that the names Leadwood and Ironwood are applied to dozens of different timbers, in fact any timber that doesn't float is called this. The Mozambique Leadwood is Combretum imberbe, also know in the local Sena language as Nangali and often referred to as Monzo.

Chamfuta Pod Mahogany

Afzelia quanzensis s.g. 0.77

Afzelia quanzensis. A medium density timber with a subtle figure, very attractive when finished. This timber darkens rapidly after working to a subtle mid brown which is very attractive. Available in blocks, spindles and boards up to 2.2m long.

African Blackwood

African Blackwood is a true rosewood, Black with a cream sapwood it is very dense but works well, comonly used for musical instruments. Available in spindles.


Wild Mango ( Cordyla )

Cordylia Africana s.g. 0.8

An attractive wood with a busy grain/figure which is proving popular. This is available in boards and blocks and spindles as well as the disks and slabs seen elsewhere in the site, shich are cut from trees recovered from the forest floor after decades lying undisturbed. The bark and sapwood have rotted away giving a dramatic edge but the heartwood shows no decay at all. Remarkable considering the local climate.

More timbers in store

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