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This section is expanded and is now on the new website www.reidtimber.co.uk



Now stocking an excellent and ever expanding range of abrasives by Klingspor. Available as short rolls, belts for a variety of popular machines and as the Sterate coated ( anti clog) PS 73 W soft which gives excellent results for those seeking flawless finishing.


A wide range of marking and measuring devices are available in store.  Marking guages, Squares, centre finders, tape measures, steel rules, folding carpenters rules.

Pliers, Grips cutters and spanners are stocked along with socket sets, with much more due to arrive in the coming weeks

A wide range of clamps, cramps and mini vices are stocked with a choice of budget speed clamps for occasional or light use up to the heavy duty models from Irwin and Stanley.

Chisels files and planes are available from Stanley and other brands

Wide range of drill bits, hole saws and blades for various saws available in store.

Screwdrivers, bit sets and various other drivers available in store.

Saws:- hardpoint, coping, panel, bow saws.


Sharpening:- diamond sharpening and oilstones.


Hammers and mallets plus spanners, screw drivers, pliers, wrenches, allen keys and sundry tools.




Hinges:- brass decorative, butterfly, piano etc

Locks and catches for small cabinets, magnetic catches and hooks and eyes

Shelf brackets, Walking stick ends, mirror and picture hanging hooks and eyes.

Nuts and bolts, nocknuts etc and a range of sizes in steel and stainless,

Screws in brass and steel.

Fixings for concrete and brick.

Coach screws in a range of sizes



various profiles of mild steel in 3m lengths

flat round and hollow sections

decorative twisted hammered and profiled bars

Brass in small length of round and flat bar.






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