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Next talk emboldened. Due to coronavirus, meetings are currently held via 'Zoom'.                                                               

March 17th  Uganda - Nigel Slater - A look at the country, the habitats, the people and the wildlife, jungle, gorillas, birds and more.   

April 21st  Macro moths and moth trapping in Nottinghamshire – Mike Hill – An overview of the methods and equipment involved in moth trapping together with a look at some of the many species of larger moths which can be encountered in the county.                                       

May 19th  Dinosaur on a Lamp Post - Chris Terrell-Nieldn - The talk examines the history and evidence behind the rapidly evolving understanding of how one group of animals developed the characteristic features of birds including their capability of flight. It poses the question was this how dinosaurs actually managed to avoid extinction? An illustrated talk with models and discussion.   

June 16th  A Botanist in the Western Cape South Africa - Ian Whitehead has paid 3 visits to this area of South Africa in 2013, 2014 & 2016 and will entertain us with splendid photographs of the stunning flora found in this part of South Africa.                                                                                        

July 21st  The Wildlife of the Scottish Highlands and Islands - David Fox takes us to the Cairngorms, Glencoe, Skye and Mull to explore the plethora of wildlife to be found in these areas birds, mammals, flora, fungi, butterflies & moths.

August - No Meeting

September 15th  An Artist Down Under - Anna Louise Pickering will talk about a 2 month trip to Australia which realised Pollyanna’s quest to paint on all seven continents. Anna Louise will share stories from their time spent travelling the country visiting numerous wildlife sanctuaries and hospitals to learn more about their work, helping to monitor wild koalas in W. Victoria, and planting eucalyptus trees as part of a reforestation project.

October 20th  AGM, Members Evening and Photographic Competition

November 17th  Swiftly Does It - Nick Brown is a wildlife volunteer with the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. Swifts are extraordinary birds spending most of their lives on the wing, hummingbirds are their closest relatives, they are in steep decline but helping them is cheap and easy. Since 2014, the DWT Swift Project has worked hard to promote their conservation, setting up local groups in the county to get nest boxes installed.               

December 15th  Christmas Party (Members & Guests )

(Indoor meetings usually start at 7.30pm at St. Leonard's Community Centre, Bramcote Lane, Wollaton, NG8 2ND.)

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