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A privilege that brings great responsibility

The Western Isles Constituency Labour Party is pleased to confirm that Alasdair Morrison has been selected by local Party members to be their prospective candidate for the general election in May 2015.

Labour chairman Matt Bruce said: 

"The Labour Party's selection process started the week after the referendum and five candidates put their names forward.  Alasdair emerged as the winner in that process and everyone in the party and many beyond  will support him right up to election day. We know Alasdair will be an excellent candidate and that he will work hard and give the electorate of the Western Isles an opportunity to send someone to Westminster who will put their needs before any other consideration.”

Alasdair Morrison said:

"It’s a privilege that brings great responsibility.  I look forward to engaging with people and communities across the islands. For far too long our pressing island priorities have been neglected. This May, we’ll all have an opportunity to change these circumstances.”

To contact Alasdair please email: alasdair4mp@gmail.com