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many thanks to K. for the awesome job building that site!!! 
At present I have a 4 year waiting list...order book is closed until further notice...
Welcome, I make knives for bushcraft. I make these utilitarian pieces for adults who may have a purpose for their order or just an intrinsic appreciation of knives, blades and weapons..
I use high carbon tool steel and spring steel for the various intended uses of my blades. I can also obtain plane irons, circular saw blades to create a tool with a recycled feel and I personally love recreating the look of pioneer knives of the 1800's with simple lines but very effective utility performance.
Using reclaimed hardwoods for scales,all my edged tools will be checked for effectiveness before the final grinding, finishing and oiling. I thoroughly believe in trialing even the most dainty fishing knife by battoning through small logs along the grain, battoning across the grain and light chopping,,why?? That handle must not work loose even on a knife only intended for preparing small game..period. I want my tools to be virtually battle ready with a temper that is resilient for more than the intended use and you will have the security of knowing it can be used hard in times of necessity.
Please browse through my gallery to see my work to date and contact me with any ideas for your handmade knife. I produce lifesize designs so you can see the project at the  very beginning,I then finalise the geometry or the "feel" before  creating that special companion that will be at your side for years...


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