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Welcome to Transnews.

This is your home to post your articles, news and any information that you wish to share with others.

This is a new site and I hope that it is looked on, as in addition to the other sites but hopefully more newsie.

It is not a site where we claim that our surgeon is best, or whatever. There are plenty of sites, dedicated to surgery.

If you have an article or news to post, send it to and I will confirm receipt and when posted. You can send it as part of the text, or as an attachment.

You will get the article or news, credited to you, or not, if that is your wish.

I want it to be looked upon as a shared learning tool, offering the sort of help, not available from Gender Clinics.

Little of the details of the articles is proven, there has been little official research but is based on mine and others findings and research and anecdotal evidence. We are more likely to know than those that sit in their consulting rooms, trying to control our lives.

Please use it.

Thank you



Everything expressed in this site is based on my own experience and from a consensus of opinions during my researches on the web and in various groups, over a ten year period. There has not been any proper research on hormone regimes so what suits one person will not suit everybody. Some are more receptive to the effects and body mass will also have a bearing. You should find what is best for you. Most Therapists will not know and give a possibly insufficient dose. They tend to follow 'a one size fits all'. I am not medically trained so everything is in quite simplistic terms. However, between 2006- 2009, I trained as a stress counsellor and received my qualifications. The cross sex  hormones used in M-F transitioning are not manufactured for our use and the Manufacturers do not recognise them for our use. ‘Specialists’ still rely on the data sheets and try to apply them to us. This is so wrong.

We are all born with sex hormones and hormone receptors, Oestrogen, Progesterone, Prolactin, Testosterone and many others. That is why these hormones are detectable in males and females. Oestrogen, Progesterone, Prolactin are the main female hormones and Testosterone in males. The respective sex hormones are much higher in the appropriate sex. What we do is totally alter that balance and get the hormones to nearer the female or male range.

However, I must make it clear that my journey has been as a M-F Transsexual, so my knowledge of F-M Transsexualism is less based on experience and more on research, though we share much of the condition and the problems faced while we transition. In this paper I hope to help you to understand the condition and how you can have an easier journey to fulfilment. What I can say is that when you have completed your journey, life is absolutely wonderful and makes the previous struggles so worth while. I have never felt so fulfilled and happy.

I am probably at odds with many Gender Counsellors and practitioners, especially over the use of hormones, but the advantage that I have is that I speak from experience and of actually listening to other Transsexuals and their experiences. Also, there is some very good information on the net from well respected journals. You must make your own judgement as to who is right and what you feel is right for you. It is time that these Clinics treated us as intelligent adults who can make their own calculated decisions and take responsibility for those decisions. . It is our lives and you the clinics, etc. are there and have a responsibility to listen and help. We don’t want others deciding for us and dictating to us. Talk to us, listen to what we have to say, you might just be surprised at what we do know. Even Private clinics, where you pay a fortune for the service, in general you are allowed little input.

Am I right? I believe that I am and speak from my own experience. If I had listened to a ‘specialist’s’ advice and greatly reduced my Oestrogen and stopped my Progesterone after two years, my feminisation would have been halted at that point. Instead, I was able to ignore that advice and my feminisation continued for several more years, my breasts continued to develop and matured over about a five year period.

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