13 September 2019
Cold Ashby Golf Centre On The Way To Becoming A Co-operative.

Although the Rambler is inclined to regard golfing activity as an unnecessary interruption to a pleasant walk, he has nothing but admiration for the efforts of the interim board of volunteer club members who are clearly working tirelessly to save their Golf Course and Club.

On his website, Graham Jones writes:

 On 1st November 2019, one day after it closes, Cold Ashby Golf Centre will re-open under new management. Actually, under new non-management, since the plan is to transform the club into a members-led, not-for-profit organisation and to make it thrive again. This whole website will tell you how that can happen - but it will only happen if you want it to, and if you get involved either by helping in some way, or by stumping up the cash it needs, in the form of your membership and subscription fees. 

For more breaking news on this initiative, please go to http://www.spanglefish.com/ColdAshbyGolfCentre/index.asp

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