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hello, i found you via FB because you got the same name as mi daughter ( Suzanne( suzy) Gysemans i live in Belgium. I love the energy in your art, its not only the beauty from the work. but you succeed to bring the right enery in and let make miself find the contact whit the object like i was their; thanks
Posted by margaretha verbraeken on 28 August 2016
Like stars at night, fireflies glow.

Their presence lights the evening sky.

Flitting amid forest haven.

Shadowy places, Fairyland!

This is a (short) quatrain about your firefly artwork. Hope you enjoy it!
Thank you,
Marlene Million, Poet
Posted by Marlene Million on 11 December 2015
I love your work! Thank you so much for sharing!
Posted by mel on 07 December 2015
10 count owl
Suzanne-The owl needlepoint is so whimsical and charming. Thank you for creating a work of art that you cannot look at without smiling! I love it and one of my grandchildren will too!! Best, Liz Stone
Posted by Elizabeth Stone on 14 August 2015
That's wonderful to hear! I really enjoyed designing the Owl and I'm glad it makes you smile too. Thank you so much for your message!

Posted by Suzanne on 14 August 2015
Ehrman needlepoint
Suzanne-I had written a while ago about "Yellowhammers". Will you have another needlepoint in the upcoming Ehrman catalogue? Thank you.Liz Stone
Posted by Elizabeth Stone on 06 August 2015
Thanks for your enquiry. Yes I have two more designs coming out in the next Ehrman catalogue
Posted by Suzanne on 09 August 2015
Yellowhammers needlepoint
Posted on 03 June 2015
Poem for Feb.
Posted on 25 February 2015
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Beautiful Art Work
Posted on 08 June 2014
A smile
Posted on 04 October 2013
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woolgatherer gnome
Posted on 22 February 2011
les oiseaux
Posted on 29 January 2011
Fairy Flautist
Posted on 27 June 2010
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your work
Posted on 20 March 2010
Love it!
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Fantasy Art
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Cat and Garden Fan
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Otherworldy beings!!
Posted on 07 March 2009
Just a sparkly hello for you!
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Love Your Work
Posted on 08 January 2009
Beautiful Work.
Posted on 29 December 2008
Inspirational Work
Posted on 27 December 2008
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