Sutherland Riding Club is based in the Highlands of Scotland, we have activities for all, from beginners to advanced riders. We also welcome non-riders and family members who would like to learn more about our passion for horses and support our many events throughout the year. We hold regular training clinics and competitions all year round, working closely with top level trainers to provide tuition at an affordable level for club members. Affiliated through British Riding Clubs to the British Horse Society.


This is the sight that greets me every morning and I love it!  My days in the winter months all start the same way…..out to poo pick the field, check rugs and move the ponies to their daytime pasture before heading off to work.  The pony on the right of the line is the one whose job it is to whinny when he hears the back door opening.  This tells the other two that I am on my way out so they move into position, leaving him at the end of the queue……life is unfair when you are the underdog, isn’t it?

I write this as we move into a new year for the Riding Club.  Our calendar of events is available below.  The Committee hope they have planned an interesting, varied and busy schedule and we look forward to seeing you at some of the clinics and lessons, our annual Show or at the Hunt Ride or Ball.

Caroline Gilchrist - Chairperson



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