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The Members page allows you to create a list of people, each with contact details and a mugshot. You might use this to list the members of your committee, or give details of your staff if you have a business.

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Joint Secretary | Mrs Emma Agnew
Member | Jane Bray
Leader | Amanda Brown
non-playing member | Robert Cook

Life Member | Mrs Teresa Cook
Member | Mrs Gwen Cowan
Member | John Crozier
Committee | Robert Drylie
Treasurer | Mrs Janice Gilmartin
Member | Leslie Hay
Committee | Mrs Pat MacDonald
non-playing member | Isobel McGuire
Non-playing member | Mrs E McHendry
Non-Playing Members | Mr & Mrs T McLean
Member | Anne Morrison
member | Gwen Nicol
member | Mrs Pauline Page
Non-Playing Member | Mrs M Parkhill
Joint Secretary | Dr Annett Shmautz
Member | Wendy Waddell
Committee Member | Dr Sheelagh Ward
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