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Sooty sweep and soo wooden wall plaques
Hi just brought these plaques from a car boot for my daughter play house don't want to put them in as might be worth something can you advise us on a valuation thanks
Posted by Mr massey on 25 August 2013
Hi, Not sure what plaques you mean if you let me know I will try and help. Thanks Sootyonline.
Posted by on 25 August 2013
Hi if u can send me an email I can try and forward pictures of the wall plaques
Posted by Mr massey on 26 August 2013
Hi, I think from your description I have seen these before on E-Bay,cannot recall what they went for, but previous prices are no indicator of what you might get. Sootyonline
Posted by on 26 August 2013
Thank you for your help think I will hang them in our daughters playhouse and let her enjoy them think your site is great its been nice showing my daughter how sooty has grown
Posted by Mr massey on 26 August 2013
Hi, I think you have made the right decision, glad you enjoyed my sites.
Posted by on 03 September 2013
I have a butch puppet in great condition for sale contact me if intrested 07900933134
Posted by Jen on 13 April 2012
Sooty TV props
I have some original televisions props Sootys laundry, Sooty at school, and Sootys Gym together with several original puppets made for TV (Sooty Sweep and Sue) also various other part props. I am looking to sell but where would be the best place (ebay)


Posted by mark noble on 02 April 2012
In response to Chris S (august 2011)
Hi there Chris, I have just read your message on here and I am very interested in purchasing your sooty merchandise.

If you would like to discuss a price then please email me:

Many Thanks!
Posted by vicky on 05 February 2012
Sooty egg cup
I have a Sooty egg cup bought for my first easter in 1956 , top class condition , blue in colour , would this be worth anything ?

Posted by Anthony McLoughlin on 23 November 2011
Hi, Some Sooty Egg- Cups are very common and not worth much at all in money more in memories, however there are a few worth £10.00ish depending on colourway and condition best place to get an idea is currently on E-Bay. Sootyonline
Posted by on 27 November 2011
Sooty memorabilia
Posted on 25 August 2011
Sooty Soap
Posted on 12 June 2011
Blackpool 1962/3
Posted on 22 April 2011
Posted on 03 February 2011
Posted on 03 February 2011
This website
Posted on 30 October 2010
The Lad
Posted on 25 March 2010
No Title
Posted on 28 December 2009
the collection
Posted on 22 October 2009
Posted on 12 August 2009
Posted on 23 July 2009
Posted on 07 July 2009
Very Nice
Posted on 14 June 2009

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