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Gellions, Wed 9th July
10 July 2008

Well that was some night in the Gellions!!

First of all, apologies for the late start to last night's gig. Someone!? ( no names, no pack drill) locked their keys in their car and had to call out the AA to open it up. Result was that the gig didn't get started until 10:45pm and half the band were inappropriately dressed for the occasion - still in jeans and shirt instead of the usual smart black. Tut Tut!!

Anyway, it turned out a really good night. The group of German men who were on a cycling holiday were having a great time. They had us up dancing most of the night - especially for the lively stuff! One guy had me doing rock 'n' roll steps and was spinning me around with what they used to call 'gay abandon'!!!! Not sure what you'd call it these 'politically correct' days.

Not long into the gig and Kenny called me over and pointed out a pony-tailed man and his partner, saying 'That's Angy Battison'. Now this won't mean much to anyone else but Kenny and this guy used to play together in years gone by and he hadn't seen him in a long time so he was delighted to meet him again. They'd decided to take a few days away and had come to Inverness cos the weather looked better here this week. Once here they thought they'd check out if Schiehallion were playing anywhere locally this week and they struck lucky!!!!

Nice to meet you at last Angus - (I dont believe a word of it by the way!!!!) - and it was good to meet you too Margaret. Maybe see you up here again some time.

Another side effect of losing the keys came in the shape of young Ian Mackenzie, who plays the djembe (a type of drum for those of you who don't know). Somehow, he found himself roped in to play at the gig after him and Kenny got to talking while waiting for rescue!!! Just shows you - watch who you're talking to or you never know what you might find yourself doing!!

He was very good by the way. No doubt we'll be seeing (and hearing) him again...................

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