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Holiday weekend
24 August 2012

Hope you're all enjoying the rainy weather! The sun's keeping a low profile just now, but Schiehallion are here to brighten up your weekend!

Tonight, you'll find us in Hootananny, Inverness from 9:30pm until 12:30am. A great way to kick start your holiday weekend, I'm sure you'll agree. After a wee bit of a long lie tomorrow you can get yourself ready for another Saturday afternoon ceilidh in the Gellions from 5:30pm until 8pm, swiftly followed by a trip across the river to Macnabs from 9:30pm until late.

No doubt you'll be feeling a wee bit fragile as Sunday begins, but by the time 5:30pm rolls around again, I'm sure a visit to the Gellions for a 'hair of the dog' at the Recovery Session will sort you out for the extra day off on Monday. 

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