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Foggy February!
02 February 2011

Seems like we're destined to stay with the wintry weather for a bit longer yet. F f f fog instead of f f f frost! Then came the wild winds and rain.Gloom gloom gloom.

Never mind. We still have Schiehallion to look forward to tonight in the Gellions for the midweek session from 10pm. If you can't make it along tonight, there's always Dows Bar on Saturday night from 9:30pm.

If night time is no use to you, how about a tea-time ceilidh in the Gellions? Saturday and Sunday from 5pm til 8pm. You can have something to eat on Sunday while you recover from the excesses of Saturday night. Or, of course, you can indulge in a hair of the dog to help you make it through the last of the weekend!!

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