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St Patrick's Day
16 March 2010

Hands up those of you who can tell me when St Patrick's Day is????? Okay, big show of hands there - after all, if you've been out in town at all over the last couple of weeks you can't fail to have noticed all the flags etc. Well done to Guiness for turning it into such a money spinner!!!

Anyone tell me who Scotland's patron saint is??? When is our Saint's Day??? Answers on a postcard please...................

Well Schiehallion are playing in the Gellions on Ireland's big day. I'll be out with a few of my mates, maybe we'll see you there??

They're back in the Gellions on Saturday at 5pm and again on Sunday for recovery time.

Aviemore is the place to be on Saturday night. The band are playing  at a ceilidh in the Cairngorm Hotel. The SNP are the hosts, so if you've managed to get a ticket, I hope you have a great time!!!

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