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Time 'March'es on!!
01 March 2010

Yeah yeah, I know!! I couldn't help it! Does anyone else think that time is passing way too quickly???

Oh well, it's the 1st of March - St David's Day I believe. How many David's were born on this day I wonder???

Schiehallion are playing in the usual haunts this week - Gellions and Macnabs, on the usual days - Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. I was in the Gellions on Sunday and I took a couple of pics. I could not believe how busy it was! Thought I'd stepped back in time to the Saturday. We all know how busy Saturdays are and I have to tell you, Sundays are catching on............. 

There is of course, the added attraction of young Kiva. She has an amazing voice which stops you in your tracks. If you haven't been yet, you really should give it a try.

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