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Quiet week
01 September 2009

It's a quiet week for the band this week, but I think they deserve a wee bit of a break!!

First gig this week is the regular Wednesday slot in the Gellions. Starting at a much friendlier 9pm and finishing by midnight it's great for us workers - not that I'll be there this week as I have family stuff to take care of (3 granchildren to be precise!!!)

Saturday and Sunday are both double shifts for the guys. Back in the Gellions at 5pm on Saturday followed by Macnabs at 9:15pm. Then on Sunday, Finlays at 4:30pm and the Glenalbyn at 9pm.

As I say, I won't be around this week but I will show up in Finlays with my grandson on Sunday as he just loves the bagpipes and gets all excited as soon as he hears them tune up!

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