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07 January 2009

Ok guys, I've put up some more lyrics for you to learn!

From the cd I have the title track 'Nae Union' which was written by a friend of Kenny's - Roddie Maclean. He wrote it a long time ago and Kenny promised he'd put it on his first cd.

Also from the cd is one of my favourites - 'Dumbarton Castle'. This song was written by Kenny Jamieson himself and, like Nae Union,  has never been published.  It's a beautiful song about Kenny's time growing up in Dumbarton and singing by the campfire behind the Castle.

By popular request I have included the lyrics to 1320. This is a rousing patriotic song about the Declaration of Arbroath and was written by Gordon Menzies of Gaberlunzie.

I have had requests for some others and I will get them up as soon as I can. Just remember, I have a full time job as well as keeping the website - and the band - in order!!!!!!

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