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After Xmas frolics!
30 December 2008

27th December and as per usual the Gellions was bouncing around to the sound of Schiehallion.  Do you lot have nowhere else to be at 5 o'clock on a Saturday afternoon?? No?? Me neither!! Isn't life great...............

There were quite a lot of new faces to be seen - always a good thing - even the occasional famous local dj pops in for a visit??!!?? Didn't take his photo but I may well have snapped his girlfriend amongst the crowd of dancers.

In Finlay's on Sunday it was busier than ever. This is becoming a very popular way to wind down for the weekend. Not that you don't get your fair share of energetic tunes, but the early finish means you're still fresh for work on Monday morning.

The good news for those of you who asked, is that the Finlay's gig will continue into 2009.

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