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12 December 2008

Hi everyone. Sorry if you've been waiting for this week's news. My computer has been playing up and I had to send it off to be fixed. It's not back yet, but I've managed to set this one up to tide me over!

Last Friday the band were playing in Dornie Hall. It was a great night except for the fact that Kenny - as usual - never checked his petrol guage before leaving! Well, I'm sure you can imagine the rest! All the way to Fort Augustus and then they had to turn back. What a carry on. Callum has a new job title - Petrol Guage Supervisor. :-)

That wasn't the end of it though. I'd jokingly asked Callum if he'd brought his crash helmet along (I know it's been a while since the crash but it was on the same road!!) Talk about tempting fate! For the third time - and 3 cars in a row! - Kenny hit a deer (or did the deer hit him?) 

Luckily there was very little damage done. There's a small dent in the rear passenger side wing and a couple of hearts in mouths for Kenny and Callum. Just as well really cos there was no way I could come out and get them this time since I'd been out in town and was far too drunk to drive! Oops ;-)

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