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Shamanic Counselling , house cleansing/blessing , Emergency Healing and more with a shamanic craftworker, Seer/practitioner.

Based in inverness in the Scottish highlands , available one to one or distant healing services.

Since 1992 many have been directed to me by the great spirit to come for help and healing even before I advertised publicly about what I could offer, I am directed by the spirits myself and my intuition and have a deep affinity with nature.

I became aware of my ability’s as a young child (which disturbed me greatly however luckily my connection to nature balanced this) I seen spirits and felt the otherworld very close, After many initiations using plant spirit medicines and a series of Traumatic events and self discovery/self healing and research/ learning various spiritual and other Holistic practices , I trained with shamanic teachers from many traditions and developed my own ways of Practice to be of service to my fellow soul group.

As a seer i can see the aura and inside your body and have the ability to scan for disease,  trapped energys, attachments, i also dowse with my body and i am very intuitive , when you come to me i will diagnose and may pick up on old/current energys /injurys and ancestral and spirit guides you may have and any previous trauma and will endeavour to heal and harmonize and remove , most of my abilitys are not learned they where awoken naturally and spirit given, reluctantly i completed a diploma two years ago for insurance reasons after practising shamanism and other spiritual practices since age of 13,  i am now a certified shamanic practitioner and fully insured by policy Bee.

I welcome those who are suitable and commited with a thirst and interest in becoming a shamanic apprentice, though i do not offer certification nor 2 year study packages which assign the grand egoic title of shaman. that is new age gibberish and very dangerous and shallow and disrespectful to say the least without real life experience or life trials and lenghty experience  or hearing the call naturally or without any latent prenounced abilitys and real connection to spirit and the land which cannot be learned quickly, having said that there is much to learn from the shamanic experience and related practices which may unlock potentials and empower anyone, though this is clearly not becoming a shaman, nor qualification for setting up as one , enquire within . . . 

I have a deep affinity with the magical land of britain and keltic Culture myths and legends and spirits thereof however i embrace all cultural spiritual traditions from africa to norway to canada to south america and more which i beleive i have lived in previous lives, most Indigenous medicine women and men want their medicine teaching and practices to be known and used for planetary/self healing, i do not agree with spiritual consumerism but also do not support the scarred hurts of past symbolised by cutural Inapropriation Movement and the anger and hatred of chip on shoulder of some native americans.

I collect and process and provide Plant Medicines and make shamanic tools and other crafts.  

I also offer Cacao Ceremony's , Amazonian Guayusa Dream Tree Ceremonys , Mentoring in meditation , shamanic journeying , drumming , ceremony , shamanic self defence and cleansing practices and Shamanic community Drum Circle with the aim of building community and being of service as a collective to humanity and our beloved Earth Mother, If you wish to see any of my offerings in your community i am willing to travel and provide should you be able to meet my travel expenses/accommodation and expenses...

Sound Bath Evenings Coming soon .... watch this space ... Come Join Us.......Be The Change!!!


  'Thank you For the Shaman'

- I understand now the shaman is never a person. But something that moves through people, An energy, A rythm, A dance, An awareness!

-Crystal Tip Soaring Wolfie Wildcat - March 2016




All payments Via Paypal, ship worldwide, if you would like to buy more than one item please inbox me and i will combine postage for you and edit shopping cart accordingly prices shown on items include postage uk/eu if collecting this will be deducted. 


Available for Home visits/one to one healing , workshops and other services in inverness and beyond.

 I am also willing to collaborate with likeminded folks to bring healing and joy to the many through workshops.

Email me at the address above.

Discounts available for unemployed/retired/benefits or those on low income....

Sadly the services i offer are not available on the NHS for free ,although you can be reffered from a doctor to various therapists here in uk,  I am passionate that everyone should have the opportunity to access them no matter what.



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