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Dunbartonshire Federation extends a warm welcome to you on this visit to our website.

The following is a brief introduction to Dunbartonshire Federation:

Dunbartonshire is one of the smaller Federations of the Scottish Women's Institutes, having 9 Institutes varying in size from 17 members to 53 members.   As a Federation we enjoy taking part in many of the activities provided by SWI at National level, particularly the sporting activities of Curling, Stadium & Outdoor Bowling, Ruralympics and Golf, with the Federation holding a qualifying competition for each of the sports.   Most of the Institutes take part in some or all of these competitions.   The Institute members also take full advantage of the classes, schools and demonstrations arranged through the Housewives and Handcraft Committee.  

Each year there is a Show for Institute and individual competitions with both Housewifery and Handcraft sections, providing a wonderful display of work.   Each Institute organises its own syllabus for the meetings.   Most also take great pride and interest in helping their own favourite charities.   These events take many guises, from concerts, parties for adults and children, quizzes, fashion shows.   For these events each Institute is usually well supported by members from the other Institutes creating and encouraging the bond of camaraderie and friendship among members.   Some Institutes organise trips and outings, again inviting others to join in.   
Many of the members also help in the community with a variety of groups, which generates co-operation and friendship.

Each year the Federation has what is called the 'June Meeting' hosted by each Institute in turn.   This is the Federation Meeting where as many members as possible attend, have a very social time and enjoy the renowned event called the 'Rural Supper'.    Dunbartonshire Institutes meet in some of the most scenic and historic areas of the country.


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